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Baby, Prenatal Classes


The Nest’s mission is to provide you with all the knowledge you need to have an empowering birth experience. Interested? Register today!


Our in depth, interactive and respectful classes offer everything you need to feel prepared, excited and safe in your journey to baby. Every woman should be supported in making informed choices about what’s best for her and her family. 


Our small group classes are given online via Zoom. They are divided into two sessions so parents have time to absorb all the information given. Small groups ensure that topics can be personalized based on your interests and needs. Below are some topics we will cover. The best time to attend your class is when you reach 30-35 weeks of your pregnancy so the information is fresh for your big day!

The first session

  • Understanding the third trimester and the changes in your body

  • When to go to the birthing centre

  • What to bring to the birthing centre

  • Discovering the stages of labour

  • Coping in labour and how your partner can help

  • Understanding interventions used in hospital including induction, epidural, cesarean

  • How to navigate your options and asking the right questions

  • About umbilical cord blood collection

  • Deep dive into your expectations about your birth


The second session

  • Importance of skin to skin contact

  • Becoming a parent and changes in the couple

  • What to expect in the first few days as a postpartum mom

  • Caring for a new baby including bathing, diapering, good sleep habits and much more

  • Common concerns about baby's wellbeing

  • What to do if a baby chokes

  • Baby feeding and where to find support in your community

  • Baby’s development in the first year and activity ideas


Mischa Corman-François, RN, BScN


Accompanying pregnant women through their births has always been my clear calling. With that in mind, I graduated with distinction from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Since then, I have had experience in a natural focused community hospital, at a clinic doing postpartum follow up, attending deliveries in a rural village in Ghana Africa and doing prenatal follow up with the Cree population of Northern Quebec before settling into my current position in the high risk delivery room at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. Advocating for better support of physiological labour in the hospital setting is my current devotion, along with being a mother to my son. 


Complimenting my nursing experience, I am a trained yoga instructor, a practice I incorporate with women wishing to labour without epidural. I am trained in Neonatal Resuscitation, advanced doula skills and the « Baby Friendly » breastfeeding initiative. This diverse experience has given me a wide range of perspectives surrounding birth. The birth of my own son in 2023 gave me the embodied experience of years of theoretical knowledge. It is truly incredible what our bodies can do. I have attended over 500 deliveries and my passion remains strong as ever! I have taught prenatal classes since 2017 and love empowering women to have the best experience possible during their journey to parenthood.



Classes are given in 2 sessions, each session lasting approximately 3 hours. Quick guides with all the important information to remember will be sent to you at the end of your class. This way note taking is not needed, you can simply enjoy the time we spend together. Complimentary resources and videos will also be sent your way.

The cost for you and a partner of your choice is 320$ CAD, payable by etransfer.

An invoice can be sent for insurance refund. 

Upcoming Dates

June 5th and 19th 6-9pm (fully booked)

July 3rd and 17th 6-9pm

August 7th and 21st 6-9pm

September 4th and 18th 6-9pm

Baby, Prenatal Class, Contact


370 Av Touzin Dorval QC H9S 2N2

(514) 913-1818

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